Wrongful Death Lawyer In Wichita Falls, TX

Wichita Falls Wrongful Death Lawyers

Wichita Falls, Texas is a perfect place to raise a family. It is a blessing to be in such a great town with people we love. Unfortunately, it is one of life’s great sadnesses that every family, at one point or another, deals with the grief of losing a loved one. The worst tragedy of all is when we lose someone dear to us in an avoidable accident caused by someone else being reckless, negligent or even malicious.

One second of a stranger choosing to answer a text while driving or failing to use a turn signal can ruin the lives of many others. Do you know what you would do if you or a member of your family died suddenly? Even in Wichita Falls, Texas accidents leading to wrongful deaths can happen with the change of the wind.
If someone you love has died, who can bring a wrongful death claim against the person who caused the death? In Texas, it can only be the following:

● A spouse
● A child of the deceased
● The parents of the deceased
Why bring a wrongful death claim?

There is no amount of money or justice that can bring back a loved one. Nothing can make up for losing a parent, child or spouse. So, why even bring a wrongful death claim? Of course money cannot replace your loved one. However, it can fill some of the financial gaps left by their passing and compensate you for the unspeakable pain you have to endure as a result of losing them too soon. A wrongful death claim can bring you compensation to:

● Make up for the loss of wages that your loved one would have earned if he or she had survived
● Pay for funeral and burial expenses
● Redress the loss of companionship of your loved one
● Aid your healing process by helping you cope with the unbearable mental and emotional anguish of losing a parent, child or spouse

You might also be awarded punitive damages. If the person who caused your loved one’s death did so with extreme negligence, recklessness or malice, the judge or jury may choose to award you money not to help you cope or cover expense but to punish the person who killed your loved one. This mostly happens only in the most extreme of cases when it is clear that the wrongdoer gave little or no regard to the life of your loved one.
What do I do now?

It is important to contact your Wichita Falls, Texas wrongful death lawyer as soon as you can. Our experience and compassion can help you through this extremely difficult and painful time. We can ease your burden and use our skill and expertise to get you the compensation you deserve. Contact Loncar Associates today for your free consultation.