Car Accident & Car Wreck Attorney In Wichita Falls, TX

Wichita Falls Car Accident Lawyers

Imagine driving down Seymour Highway to take your family for a nice afternoon out in Lucy Park. Then, out of nowhere a car runs a red light and hits you in your driver’s side. What happens next? Do you have a plan in place for what you would do if this happened to you? What if you were unable to work as a result of a car accident? Would your family be able to survive? Would you be able to pay your hospital bills? This horrifying situation seems like it is miles away from reality, but the truth is that people in Wichita Falls have to face this very scenario all the time. If this is someday your reality, you do not have deal with it alone.

Even if the car accident is not as dramatic as being t-boned in your driver’s side, it can still send your life into a whirlwind. We are busy people and we don’t have time to deal with the legal, medical, and practical ramifications of a car accident. There are police reports to file, cars to rent and repair, and doctors to see, and bills to pay. When the accident was not your fault, how do you hold those responsible accountable for the money you now owe and for the injuries you’ve had to endure? That is where your Wichita Falls auto accident attorneys at Loncar Associates come in to help you get the compensation you deserve and get you back on the path to your normal life.

You deserve compensation for your Wichita Falls car accident.

If you are in a car accident because someone else was negligent, reckless, or, even worse, because someone purposefully tried to hurt you, then the person responsible for your accident owes you money for your injuries. Your Loncar Associates Wichita Falls motor vehicle accident lawyer will know, after reviewing the facts of your case, exactly what damages to claim. Your lawyer might claim damages related to the following and more:

  • Lost wages from missing work due to the accident
  • Loss of earning power if your accident injured you in such a way that means you can’t perform your work duties as well as you used to
  • Pain and suffering of dealing with injuries that resulted from the accident
  • Medical and hospital bills

What causes car accidents in Wichita Falls, Texas?

Car accidents are one of the most common accidents in the country. Sadly, car accidents are particularly prevalent in Texas. The following are just a few of the reasons Wichita Falls car accidents happen:

  • Inexperienced drivers
  • Drunk driving
  • Texting and driving
  • Talking on the phone and driving

A lot of accidents are associated with younger drivers. Wichita Falls is home to Midwestern State University, Wichita Falls, Rider, and Hirschi High Schools. Therefore there are many young drivers on the road. Inexperience is not an excuse for negligent behavior.

Contact your Wichita Falls car accident lawyer immediately.

Contact your Loncar Associates Wichita Falls car accident lawyer as soon as possible for a free consultation to ensure that you get all the compensation you deserve. The sooner you contact your lawyer, the sooner your car accident burdens will be lifted.