Truck Accident & Truck Wreck Attorney In Tyler, TX

Tyler Truck Accident Lawyers

Tyler, Texas is the hub of many busy highways. It is on the road from Interstate 20 to many other Texas towns. Tyler itself is a town of nearly 100,000 people. As a result, there are a lot of commercial trucks on the road. Tyler’s location – so close to Mexico – means that there are not only American trucks on the road, but Mexican trucks as well. Mexican trucks may not meet the safety standards required of U.S. commercial trucks. The presence of large commercial trucks is a danger. The higher the number of trucks, the greater the danger they pose.

Traditional car accidents can be terrible. When a car or motorcycle is involved in an accident with a large commercial truck, the results can be catastrophic. Cars and motorcycles are at a terrible disadvantage in any accident with a large commercial truck. Tyler, Texas truck accidents most often involve one or more of the following types of truck:

● Semi-trucks
● Semi-trailer trucks
● 18-wheeler trucks
● Mack trucks
● Big rigs
● Transfer trucks

Why do accidents happen?

Many Tyler, Texas truck accidents can be avoided. Due to the size and structure of large commercial trucks, there are many ways something can go wrong and cause a tragic accident. Some examples of dangerous truck accidents are:

● Jackknife Accidents: When a driver somehow loses control of the trailer attached to the cab of the truck, this sometimes causes a jackknife accident. The name comes from the folding effect this loss of control can cause. When the trailer becomes unwieldy, it can fold into the cab, like closing a jackknife. The truck and trailer can cover multiple lanes of highway during this and can topple over, cause multicar pileups on fast moving highways.
● Bad Brakes: Truck drivers already have to take extra care to brake sooner than most traditional cars. This is due to the size of the trucks. When the brakes in a truck go bad, sometimes even the most careful driver cannot prevent a terrible, tragic accident. This can be prevented with regular maintenance.

These are not the only causes of large truck accidents in Tyler, Texas. They can also be a result of:

● Bad maintenance on the trucks due to lax company policies
● Poor maintenance due to worker oversight or incompetence
● Overloaded trucks (usually, this in order to make as much money as possible)
● Tired drivers, sometimes by the driver’s own doing and sometimes due to pressure from their companies to make as many deliveries as possible at whatever cost to the driver’s ability
● Drivers who ignore weather warnings or choose to drive in bad weather
● Speeding
● Aggressive driving or road rage
● Alcohol or drug use by the drivers while operating the truck

It is imperative to find out what caused the accident. This helps determine who needs to be sued. The company, the driver, and the truck manufacturer are usual defendants. Your experienced Tyler, Texas truck accident lawyer from Loncar Associates will know how to find all of this out and how to get you the compensation you deserve. Contact us today for a free consultation.