Motorcycle Accident & Motorcycle Wreck Attorney In Tyler, TX

Tyler Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

It goes without saying that it is fantastic to be a motorcyclist. It is especially great to own a motorcycle in Tyler, Texas. With easy access to the rest of Texas, great weather and beautiful scenery all around, it’s hard to imagine why anyone in Tyler wouldn’t ride. From historic downtown Tyler, to the beautiful homes and brick roads in Bergfeld Park, to Tyler State Park and Lake Palestine, there is almost endless beauty and history to absorb from the seat of your motorcycle. Motorcyclists are fortunate enough to see Tyler in a way that almost no one else can.

Unfortunately, their perspective on Tyler’s scenery is not the only thing unique to Tyler riders. They also face dangers on the road that are unparalleled by almost any other dangers from the road. Some of the special dangers faced by motorcyclists include:

● The lack of barrier between the rider and the road, despite still moving at very high speeds
● No seat belts to restrain the rider in case of a collision
● Drivers of traditional cars and large commercial trucks do not look for motorcyclists they way they look for other large vehicles and even pedestrians, either due to lack of education or momentary carelessness
● Increased risk of injury due to slippery roads, rain, wind, sun glare, and other weather conditions
● Susceptibility to irregularities in the road – meaning it is more likely that a pothole or uneven pavement could actually cause an accident for a motorcyclist than a driver of a large vehicle.
● Splitting lanes with cars or other motorcycles
● Failure of drivers to use their turning signals or to look prior to turning left

Even within motorcyclists, some motorcyclists are at a higher risk of injury or death. Riders who face a higher risk of being in a motorcycle accident include:

● Young drivers who lack experience
● Riders who do not wear a helmet
● Riders of sport and supersport motorcycles
● Riders who use or are under the influence of drugs or alcohol while operating the motorcycle

How can I reduce my risk?

Even though Tyler, Texas motorcycle accidents are often the fault of the driver of a car or large commercial truck, it is still important that motorcyclists take extra precautions to prevent accidents or injury. The following are good methods to increase your chance of staying safe:

● Always wear a helmet! Many studies have shown that injuries and death are reduced in riders who wear a helmet.
● Pay attention the motorcycle safety course that is required of all Tyler, Texas motorcyclists. The lessons learned can really help save your life. Remember, other traditional drivers are not required to take the course.
● Pay attention to when other drivers are not paying attention. It is unfair to ask motorcyclists to make up for other’s inability to focus, but it could help prevent an accident.

I have been in an accident. Should I get an attorney?

Yes. If you have been in a motorcycle accident in Tyler, Texas, it is important to contact your experienced and skillful motorcycle accident lawyer today. Call or email Loncar Associates for a free consultation.