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Imagine driving along S. Broadway Avenue, heading out for a nice afternoon with your family in Pollard Park or Tyler Rose Garden, or heading to the Caldwell Zoo. Then imagine that out of nowhere, a car runs a red light and hits your family’s car. This terrifying prospect is an unfortunate reality for many Tyler, Texas car accident victims. Why do these happen and what can you do if you are the victim of one?

Car Accidents in Tyler, Texas

Car accidents are one of the leading causes of death and injury in the United States. Texas is no different. Tyler, Texas has many highways, including but not limited to 110, 31, 323, 271 and 155. Due to all of the major traffic, it is inevitable that there are many car accidents in Tyler, Texas. Many factors can cause car accidents. The following are just a few of those factors:

● Inexperienced Drivers: Tyler is home to University of Texas at Tyler and Texas College. Therefore there are many young, inexperienced drivers in the city. This concentration of inexperience is dangerous.
● Drunk Driving: When people drink and get behind the wheel, the consequences affect everyone. Drinking slows down your response time and can severely impair your ability to drive. Because of the college student population, drunk driving can be more of a problem here in Tyler, Texas.
● Texting and Driving: Using your phone while driving has always posed dangers, but since the increase in texting and internet use while operating a car, being on the road is more dangerous than it has been in years. Drivers in Tyler continue to use their smart phones and drive despite the dangers.

These acts of negligence cannot be allowed. If you are in an accident caused by any of the foregoing circumstances, or any other type of negligence or maliciousness, you are owed compensation.

You deserve compensation for injuries sustained in your Tyler car accident.

If you were in a car accident in Tyler, Texas as a result of someone else’s recklessness or negligence, then you are due compensation – either from the driver of the other car or from their insurance company. After your Loncar Associates Tyler, Texas car accident lawyer looks at the facts of your individual claim, he or she will know what damages to ask for. Those damages might include money to cover:

● Lost wages while you were injured
● Wages you can no longer earn because of a permanent injury or a lost job due to the car accident
● Hospital and medical bills
● The pain and suffering you endured as a result of the accident, including dealing with injuries like amputations and disfigurements.

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