Hip and Knee Infection Lawsuit

Hip & Knee Implant Infection Lawsuits

Loncar Associates is now filing hip & knee infection lawsuits in order to ensure victims of faulty medical devices receive due compensation

If you had a total hip arthroplasty, hip resurfacing or knee replacement surgery anytime since October 15, 2008 and required follow-up surgery within one year due to infection, contact Loncar Associates immediately.

Infection remains a serious complication of hip and knee replacement surgery.  Infections can occur immediately after surgery or years after the device was originally implanted.  The resulting infection may require physical therapy or hospitalization with IV antibiotics.  All too often surgery is required to remove infected tissue and antibiotic spacers or device removal may be required.

Hip and knee infection can occur no matter what type of device was implanted. This litigation is not limited to any specific implant. Even if you do not have a metal-on-metal hip, you may be entitled to compensation due to the infection.

Loncar Associates have been successfully representing hip patients for over 10 years.  Veterans of Sulzer, DePuy ASR, DePuy Pinnacle, Smith & Nephew, Biomet, Stryker and Wright hip litigation, we have noticed a disturbing increase in the number of infections of all types of hip implants since late 2008.  Reports indicate the same disturbing trend in knee replacement surgeries.

Contact us immediately for a no obligation, confidential case review.  Loncar Associates is not pursuing cases against the surgeons.  We work on a contingency fee basis so we are owed nothing unless we successfully resolve your case.  There is no risk on your part to discuss your case with our staff – we will gather all medical records needed to evaluate your potential case or review the records you have. If your hip case was declined by another firm, contact us for a second opinion.

The law limits the time in which litigation can be pursued.  Don’t be a victim a second time.  We have been successfully litigating medical device and pharmaceutical cases for nearly 20 years.  Put our experience to work for you before it is too late.

Complete the contact form on the side or call Loncar Associates immediately at 800.285.4878 to discuss your options.

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