Immigration Law Firm

Texas Immigration Attorney

Thousands of people from around the world seek to enter the United States each year. Our law firm, Loncar Associates offers legal services in immigration law matters. Helping people since 1988, our attorneys understand that US immigration laws may be confusing. We take the mystery out of immigration law, providing our clients with the representation, support, and information they need to deal with their immigration issue. To learn more about our legal services, contact an attorney at one of our six Texas offices. Our lawyers advise clients on the best approach to take in an immigration matter, whether the issue is bringing a family member to the United States, obtaining a visa extension, or appealing a removal order. We help them complete needed paperwork, making sure that deadlines are met, fees are paid, and requirements fulfilled. We help with matters such as:

Temporary visas, such as visitor visas, student visas, and temporary visas granted to certain professional workers
Permanent visas, or green cards
Deportation and removal
Special visas for victims of domestic violence and other crimes
Naturalization and Citizenship applications and requirements
Canadian and Mexican visas

Immigration law is constantly changing, making it difficult for the individual to stay current with the requirements that apply to his or her status. At Loncar Associates, we stay current on evolving immigration laws, regulations, and procedures, making sure that our clients receive the most current information and use the most up-to-date version of the relevant forms. When you need support, information, and representation in any immigration matter, contact our law firm. We believe in providing our clients with a strong arm to lean on as they navigate the immigration laws of the United States. Call today to learn more about our immigration services.  The immigration lawyers at Loncar Associates can help you, call today!