Motorcycle Accident & Motorcycle Wreck Attorney In Odessa, TX

Odessa Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

It is obvious that there is not much out there that is better than being a motorcyclist. Being a motorcyclist in Odessa, Texas is particularly rewarding. With its close proximity to Big Bend and wonderful weather year round, there’s no reason not to ride as often as possible. Motorcyclists get to see Texas’ natural beauty in a way no one else can.

Their perspective on the beauty of Odessa and the surrounding areas is not the only thing unique to Odessa riders. Motorcyclists also face special risks and dangers on the road. Some of the dangers faced by motorcyclists but not others on the road include:

● Moving at high speeds without a barrier of steel to protect the rider against the road or other vehicles in the case of an accident
● No seatbelts or restraints to prevent the rider from flying from the motorcycle
● Drivers of traditional cars and large commercial trucks do not look for motorcyclists they way they look for other large vehicles and even pedestrians, either due to lack of education or momentary carelessness
● Increased risk of injury due to slippery roads, rain, wind, sun glare, and other weather conditions
● Susceptibility to poor road conditions– meaning it is more likely that a pothole or uneven pavement could actually cause an accident for a motorcyclist than a driver of a large vehicle.
● Splitting lanes with cars or other motorcycles
● Failure of drivers to use their turning signals or to look prior to turning left

All motorcyclists face special risks. However, even within the group of motorcyclists generally, there are some riders who are at an even greater risk of injury or death. These riders include:

● Young and inexperienced riders
● Riders who do not wear a helmet
● Riders of sport and supersport motorcycles
● Riders under the influence of drugs or alcohol

How do I reduce my risk?

Many of the risks faced by motorcyclists in Odessa, Texas are due to other drivers’ carelessness. Some things are out of your hands as a rider. There are ways to mitigate the dangers, however. The following are good ways to decrease your risk of injury or death when riding your motorcycle:

● Pay close attention to drivers who do not seem to be paying attention. It is not fair to ask motorcyclists to make up for others’ carelessness, but it is still a good way to help avoid an accident.
● Always, always, always wear a helmet! Studies show that wearing a helmet is the best thing a motorcyclists can do to lower their chance of catastrophic head injury or death in the case of an accident.
● Pay special attention to the lessons you learn in your motorcycle safety course. Everyone who gets their motorcycle license in Odessa, Texas is required to take this safety course. Make it count!

I was in a motorcycle accident in Odessa, Texas. Should I get a lawyer?

Yes. Contact your Loncar Associates Odessa motorcycle accident attorney today for a free consultation. The sooner you call, the sooner we can get you on the road to getting the compensation you deserve.