Truck Accident & Truck Wreck Attorney In McAllen, TX

McAllen Truck Accident Lawyers

McAllen has a lot of traffic. It is a shopping destination for many Mexican natives and the highway and interstates are often very busy. McAllen’s close location to Mexico means there are a lot of Mexican commercial trucks in the city. These foreign trucks might not meet the same safety standards required of U.S. trucks. The more large commercial trucks there are on the road, the more dangerous the roads are.

When a car, pickup, van or motorcycle is involved in an accident with a large commercial vehicle, the results can be catastrophic. Personal vehicles are at an extreme disadvantage in an accident with a large commercial truck. Accidents involving a large commercial truck can be much more devastating than the same accident that involved two traditional cars. The types of large commercial trucks usually involved in McAllen truck accidents are:

● Transfer trucks
● Big rigs
● Semi-trucks
● Semi-trailer trucks
● Mack trucks
● 18-wheeler trucks

Why do truck accidents in McAllen, Texas happen?

It is a sad fact that big companies value profit over the safety of the public and even over the safety of their own workers. Trucking companies sacrifice safety for profits by skimping on maintenance, forcing their drivers to work too many hours or drive too far causing them to be overtired and unable to focus appropriately, or by overloading the trucks. We here at Loncar Associates are committed to holding greedy companies responsible for their choice to prioritize a little extra money over the safety of others.

There are many reasons why truck accidents happen in McAllen, Texas, including but not limited to:

● Overtired drivers because of their own carelessness or to heavy demands from the trucking companies
● Poor maintenance on the trucks based on company policies
● Poor maintenance due to worker oversight
● Overloaded trucks
● Drivers that ignore poor weather conditions and choose to drive anyway
● Speeding trucks
● Aggressive truck drivers
● Drivers who are drunk or high

Finding out the cause of your accident is extremely important. It helps show that the accident was not your fault. It also helps your attorney determine who needs to be sued. It is not appropriate to sue the truck driver if the cause of the accident was the company’s decision to overload the truck. Sometimes, the accident is caused by just the truck driver, only the company or by a combination of factors. The problem could even lie with the company that manufactured the truck. Your attorney will know who to sue.

What kinds of truck accidents are there?

Truck accidents in McAllen, Texas are often avoidable. The construction and size of large commercial trucks lead to different types of accidents. Some examples of big truck accidents are:

● Jackknife Accidents: Named for the folding motion that happens when a driver loses control of his trailer and the cab and trailer fold into each other, jackknife accidents are very dangerous. When the driver loses control of the trailer, it can sweep across multiple lanes of traffic causing multi car pileups in a matter of seconds on busy highways.
● Bad Brakes: Big trucks way tons more than a traditional vehicle and take much longer to stop. Because of their size, if you are rear-ended by a truck because the driver could not stop in time, the results can be deadly.

If you or a loved one have been injured in a truck accident in McAllen, contact your McAllen truck accident attorney at Loncar Associates for a free consultation today.