We understand a lot of things are changing fast while the nation responds to the Coronavirus (COVID-19). While this is forcing everyone to adjust and disrupting lives around the world, we’re still working on our cases and taking new cases. After all, as long as there are injured Texans who need our help, the Strong Arm will keep fighting for them.

What this does mean is that we have to adjust and adapt. Some counties in Texas are issuing “shelter in place” orders limiting which business can stay physically open and the Governor has issued a public health disaster order. This means that we’ve implemented our emergency operation plan allowing employees to work from home.

Clients need to refrain from visiting our offices across the state, they will not be open. We will communicate and reach out to clients via phone, email, or other methods like normal and mail checks to clients. If you’re a current client and want to reach us, email or call your case handler or attorney.

If you’ve been injured and you want the Strong Arm to take your case, you can call us at 800-777-7777 or use the live chat feature on this website. We can sign clients up electronically.

We are working diligently to ensure things continue as normal as possible. We hope that everyone -our clients, their families, and all Texans are staying safe. We’re all in this together.