Motorcycle Accident & Motorcycle Wreck Attorney In Houston, TX

Houston Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

It’s difficult to believe that more people do not own a motorcycle. Once you’ve seen the world from the back of a bike, it’s hard to fathom giving it up. It’s particularly great to be a motorcyclist in Houston, Texas. The long summers, mild winters, and over 575 miles of roadways in the metro area mean that it’s possible to ride nearly every day and not get bored. Houston is also close to some of the most beautiful scenic drives in the country, like Highway 288 to Brazos Bend State Park or Interstate 45 North of Huntsville State Park. Motorcyclists get to see Houston and the surrounding area like no one else can.

Riders’ view of the stunning Texas countryside and Houston’s rich culture is not the only thing unique to Houston’s motorcyclists. Bikers face unparalleled dangers on the road that other vehicles and their riders do not encounter. Some of the special dangers faced exclusively by motorcyclists include:

● No barrier between the rider and the road, while still traveling at very high speeds
● No restraints to hold the rider in from being thrown in case of a collision
● Drivers of cars and large commercial trucks do notice motorcyclists as easily as they notice other large vehicles or even pedestrians, either because they don’t know to look or they momentarily stopped paying attention
● Increased risk of injury due to weather and road conditions such as slippery roads, rain, wind, and sun glare
● Higher susceptibility to poor road construction – it is more likely that a pothole or uneven pavement could actually cause an accident for a motorcycle than a larger, heavier car
● Splitting lanes with cars or other motorcycles
● Failure of drivers to use their turning signals or to look prior to turning left

Motorcyclists face more danger than non-motorcyclists, and some motorcyclists are at an even greater risk of injury or death than other riders. This group includes:

● Young drivers lacking in experience
● Riders who do not wear a helmet
● Riders of sport and supersport motorcycles
● Riders who use or are under the influence of drugs or alcohol while operating a motorcycle

How can I reduce my risk?
Although other drivers cause many motorcycle accidents, there are ways you as a rider can mitigate the danger of other drivers’ carelessness. Although the other driver would be liable for your injuries, it is better to never get those injuries in the first place.

● Wear a helmet! Study after study shows that not wearing a helmet is a high predictor of increased risk of death in the case of an accident.
● All Houston motorcycle drivers must obtain a special license. In order to do so, you have to pass a motorcycle safety course. Pay attention! The lessons may save your life.
● It might seem unfair, but pay attention to when other drivers are not paying attention. It’s easier to avoid an accident if you are more alert to the dangers.

I have been in an accident. Should I get an attorney?
Yes. Contact your Houston, Texas motorcycle accident lawyers today at Loncar Associates for a free consultation.