Truck Accident & Truck Wreck Attorney In El Paso, TX

El Paso Truck Accident Lawyers

El Paso is a huge city of over 672,000 people. Nestled at the westernmost tip of Texas on the border with the state of New Mexico and the nation of Mexico, El Paso sees a lot of traffic. Much of that traffic is composed of large commercial trucks. These trucks are delivering products to the citizen of El Paso and are also passing through to other states and countries. Because El Paso is right on the border, many of these large trucks are Mexican. Mexican trucks might not meet the same safety standards required of American trucks and this makes them dangerous. Generally, the more large commercial vehicles there are on the roadways, the more unsafe those roads are.

Any accident on the road can be bad. Accidents involving a large commercial truck and a traditional vehicle, like a car, motorcycle or pickup, can be particularly devastating. A car is at a disadvantage against a big truck. The types of trucks usually involved in El Paso truck accidents are:

● 18-wheeler trucks
● Big rigs
● Transfer trucks
● Semi-trucks
● Mack trucks
● Semi-trailer trucks

What kinds of accidents do trucks cause?

The nature of large commercial trucks makes them particularly dangerous. Two of the most dangerous types of accidents are listed below.

● Bad Brakes: If a big rig rear-ends a Toyota Corolla, it can be deadly. That is why it is very dangerous for the brakes in large trucks not to be in top working order. If the brakes are bad, the driver might not realize how long he needs to stop on time.
● Jackknife Accidents: Jackknife accidents get their name from the motion the truck makes during the accident. When a driver loses control of his trailer, the trailer can fold into the cab at the joint where the cab and trailer are connected – similar to the way a jackknife closes. When this happens, the truck often spreads across many lanes of traffic. This can cause terrible multi-car pileups in the matter of seconds if the jackknifing happens on a busy freeway.

What causes El Paso truck accidents?

There is no secret that companies love to make a profit. What companies do try to keep a secret is that they sometimes make even bigger profits by disregarding the safety of the community. When it comes to trucking companies, they often do this by overloading their trucks or overworking their drivers. We here at Loncar Associates want to make sure that any truck company that prioritizes greed over safety is held accountable for their irresponsible choices. Below are a few reasons truck accidents happen.

● Speeding trucks
● Poor maintenance on the trucks, either because of incompetent workers or because of bad company policies
● Drivers made to drive in bad weather
● Overloaded trucks
● Overtired drivers
● Drunk drivers
● Aggressive drivers

Your lawyer will be able to determine who to sue based on the specific facts of your case. If you have been in an El Paso truck accident, then contact your El Paso truck accident lawyer at Loncar Associates today for a free consultation.