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Avoid Personal Injury: Safety at an Event or Public Performance

At Brian Loncar and Associates, as personal injury lawyers, we do all we can to protect you from insurance companies games. So while we are protecting, here’s some tips for... View Article

How to Help Your Personal Injury Attorney Help You

At Brian Loncar and Associates, we know that after a car wreck or trucking accident, you can be discombobulated or confused. We know most people don’t want to admit to... View Article

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Four Children Injured

Reckless Mothers Injure Four Children In Crowley, Texas, two mothers recklessly put their children at risk and are now facing serious consequences for their behavior. Generally, we expect mothers to... View Article

Multiple Defendants

What happens when there is more than one defendant? When there is more than one defendant named in a lawsuit, things can get a little messy. Sometimes it is only... View Article

Personal Injury Information

Juan Hernandez Files Lawsuit In Plano, Texas Juan Hernandez, filed a lawsuit in Plano, Texas against Natalie Brooks Givens. Mr. Hernandez claims that Ms. Givens caused an accident between the... View Article

Fatal Accident in Midland

Fatal Accident in Midland Kills One On Sunday, February 23 at around 6 a.m., the driver of a 2002 Ford Mustang lost control of his car while going around a... View Article

Odessa Motorcyclist Killed

Odessa Motorcyclist Killed In late February of 2014, a 24-year-old man was killed in a motorcycle accident in Odessa. Edward Brady was traveling east on Highway 191 when he lost... View Article

Houston Oilfield Accident

Two Dead in Houston Power Line Accident In February of 2014, two oilfield workers in Houston, Texas died on the job. The oilfield workers died after a piece of their... View Article