Enter Your Chance To Win!

  We are giving away 2 playoffs tickets for one lucky person. You must share our latest commercial at https://www.facebook.com/brianloncar on your Facebook page hashtag #LoncarStrong and complete the form below. One entry... View Article

Self-Driving Cars?

Are We Ready For Self-Driving Cars in Texas? It’s arrived!  Pittsburgh is the first city to let passengers get in a vehicle (Uber) that drives itself.  The hands off approach... View Article

Car Seat for Your Child

Choosing the Safest Car Seat for Your Child 3 out of 4 car seats aren’t used correctly. Surprised? It’s Child Passenger Safety Week and we’ve got the guide to help... View Article

Personal Injury in a Pokemon World

A Pokémon Accident? If you are familiar with the game, then you know how addicting it can be to fill your Pokédex. So addicting, in fact, the news is flooded with... View Article

The New Revised US Constitution

The New Revised US Constitution While the technology changes day to day, the laws of the land have yet to keep up with the rapid pace of change the Internet... View Article

Data Mining Courtesy of YOU!

Data Mining Courtesy of YOU! Daily more and more devices are connected to the Internet. The number of Internet connected devices reached 8.7 billion in 2012 and climbing; there are... View Article

Privacy in V2V (vehicle-to-vehicle) Technology

Privacy in V2V (vehicle-to-vehicle) Technology While the vehicles we drive get smarter and smarter, abilities like self parking or braking seem old in the light of the new vehicle to... View Article

Texas Judicial System Explained

Texas Judicial System Explained The Texas judicial system features five layers of courts and a divided court of appeals that separates criminal and civil appeals. The lowest court in this... View Article

Texas Fast Tracks Civil Lawsuits

Texas Fast Tracks Civil Lawsuits In the 82nd Legislature, Texas House Bill 274 passed making several major changes to the time frames and processes in a civil trial as evidenced... View Article

Avoid Personal Injury: Safety at an Event or Public Performance

At Brian Loncar and Associates, as personal injury lawyers, we do all we can to protect you from insurance companies games. So while we are protecting, here’s some tips for... View Article

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