Pedestrian Accident Attorney In Beaumont, TX

Beaumont Pedestrian Accident Lawyers

Beaumont, Texas is a beautiful town set among beautiful scenery. Whether it’s the campus of Lamar University, Riverfront Park, or Crockett Street, there are many places to take a walk and really appreciate that Beaumont is “Texas With a Little More.” Going for a walk is its own reward, no matter if you are taking in the sites, walking the dog, strolling with a loved one or even just trying to get from one place to another. However, going for a walk can turn into something more tragic when negligent motorists cause an accident. All drivers on the road – car drivers, truck driver, and motorcyclists – owe a legal and moral duty not just to other drivers to keep them safe, but to pedestrians as well. Arguably, motorists owe an even higher moral duty to keep pedestrians safe. Motorists are in the best position to make sure no pedestrians get hurt. Cars move faster and can more easily swerve to avoid a pedestrian than a pedestrian can jump out of the way of an oncoming vehicle. A pedestrian is more likely to be shocked by a car coming out of nowhere than a driver is to be surprised by a fast-moving pedestrian jumping in front of his or her car.

What could happen?

No one is more vulnerable to injuries and death from motor vehicle accidents than pedestrians. When an accident involves a vehicle and a pedestrian, it is not unusual for the pedestrian to suffer catastrophic injuries or death and the driver and passengers of the vehicle to suffer absolutely no harm at all. Pedestrians in car accidents regularly suffer from: ● Broken bones, including broken hips, broken ankles and wrists, shattered kneecaps, broken arms and legs, etc. ● Injured joints ● Neck and back injuries ● Paralysis of some or all of the body as a result of spinal cord injuries ● Loss of function of, or amputation of extremities ● Scarring and disfigurement ● Brain injury ● Death All of these injuries are terrible. Particularly scary are brain injuries. Many times brain injuries occur even when the accident seemed minor. For example, a brain injury can occur when the accident merely cause the pedestrian to fall and hit his or her head – even if the pedestrian gets up and walks away! Brain injuries can cause a wide array of problems, including but not limited to: ● Changes in personality ● Depression ● Sleeplessness or excessive sleeping ● Headaches ● Hardship breathing unassisted ● Problems paying attention for extended periods of time ● Loss of vision or hearing ● Coordination and motor skill problems

What should I do if a motor vehicle hits me in Beaumont, Texas?

If you are hit by a car, seek immediate medical attention – even if you seem fine. If the car flees, try to speak to witnesses and take note of as many identifying factors of the car as you can. Also, you should seek the counsel of an attorney immediately. Loncar Associates experienced and compassionate pedestrian accident attorneys can help you navigate many of the difficulties that follow being hit by a car, truck or motorcycle. We can help you through and get you the compensation you deserve.