Motorcycle Accident & Motorcycle Wreck Attorney In Beaumont, TX

Beaumont Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Beaumont, Texas is a great place to own a motorcycle. It is at the junction of highways and interstates leading to all over Texas and connecting Houston and New Orleans. With temperatures in the sixties in the winter and warm the rest of the year, there is never a bad month to go out for a ride in Beaumont. There are beautiful hills and trees surrounding Beaumont. Right up the road is the famous Ghost Road Scenic Drive – a perfect place to take your bike. Motorcyclists get to experience the beautiful Texas scenery in a way no one else can.

Sadly, in addition to experiencing the natural beauty of our state in a unique fashion, motorcyclist also face unique dangers on the road. Some of those dangers include:

● Having no barrier between the driver and riders and the outside of the motorcycle and no restraints – as opposed to other automobiles, which have more protections such as a steel body around the driver, seatbelts and airbags ● Drivers of traditional cars and commercial trucks who are unaware of motorcyclists nearby because they are negligently not paying attention ● Increased risk of being injured due to weather conditions such as slippery roads, high winds, sudden rain, and even sun glare ● Increased sensitivity to general irregularities in the pavement, pot holes, uneven height between lanes, and dead animals in the road due to the smaller size of motorcycles ● Passing cars within the same lane ● Failure of drivers to signal when turning left or changing lanes

Not all motorcyclists face the same level of risk of being seriously injured or killed in a motorcycle accident. Riders who face higher risks include:

Younger, inexperienced motorcyclists Riders who choose to ride while under the influence of drugs or alcohol Sport and supersport motorcycle riders Riders who do not wear a helmet

How do I reduce my risk?

Even though often Beaumont automobile and truck drivers are the ones at fault in an accident with a motorcycle, it is still important that you as a rider take extra precautions to stay safe. ● First and foremost, wear a helmet! Studies show that someone who is not wearing a helmet is much more likely to suffer traumatic injuries or even die than someone who is wearing a helmet. ● Really pay attention in the safety course you are required to take in Beaumont, Texas before getting your motorcycle license. Other drivers on the road are not required to take this course and paying attention to the lessons could save your life. ● Learn to notice when other drivers are not paying attention. You can compensate for other drivers’ negligence to a degree and hopefully avoid accidents.

Should I get an attorney?

If you or a loved one was involved in a motorcycle accident, then it is imperative that you contact an attorney as soon as possible. Accidents, injuries and the death of a loved one are difficult to deal with on your own – but you do not have to. Let our experienced and compassionate Loncar Associates Beaumont, Texas motorcycle accident lawyers help you through this trying time.